Why Does My Gas Fireplace Have an Uneven Flame? (Fixed)

When the gas fireplace seems off, you have to pay attention to the flame. This is often a sign of what’s good or bad with the fixture.

A complaint that can come from time to time involves the flame’s appearance.

You might notice how the gas fireplace has an uneven flame.

A gas fireplace with an uneven flame likely is dealing with a dirty gas burner. The burner can accumulate dirt and debris over time, which makes it harder for the component to function at 100%. To clean the burner, turn off the gas supply, move the rocks to uncover burner ports, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the debris.

This will take care of the problem and ensure the gas fireplace’s uneven flame becomes a thing of the past.

This guide will teach you how to fix a gas fireplace that has an uneven flame and what to use while doing it.

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How To Fix A Gas Fireplace With An Uneven Flame

1. Close The Gas Valve

Before doing anything else, you will want to turn off the gas valve.

This can be done by removing the front grille and accessing the gas valve running along the bottom of the fireplace.

You have to make sure it’s completely off.

If you were using the gas fireplace, wait a few hours before beginning the cleaning process. The reason is to ensure you allow the gas fireplace to cool off a bit before working on the cleaning process.

This is for your safety and is a good practice to adhere to when working on a gas fireplace.

Once the gas line is off, you can begin to work on cleaning the burner in the gas fireplace.

gas fireplace uneven flame

2. Check The Burner

The first thing you are going to do is check the gas fireplace burner to see what’s going on and how dirty it is.

Sometimes, the gas burner can be malfunctioning but it is rare for that to happen. If a gas burner does fail, the flame will simply not come on as you expect it to.

However, when it is dirty, the flame is visible but it’s also uneven.

This is why your goal is to remove the rocks and pieces out of the way to uncover the burner ports running along the bottom. Once you see the burner, you are going to begin to assess its cleanliness.

Look for debris that is lodged on its surface or around it. This can include a long list of things such as dust.

3. Clean Off The Debris

Once you have inspected the burner and it’s dirty, the next step involves cleaning the gas fireplace burner.

How are you going to do this?

You are going to clean off the debris using two things.

The first option is going to be to use a fireplace vacuum such as the one listed above. The next option is to use compressed air to get those “hard-to-reach” areas.

Invest in a good vacuum and begin working on the surface of the gas burner. Once you are done, take out the compressed air and use it on the burner. This will get rid of anything the vacuum missed.

gas fireplace uneven flame

4. Tighten The Connectors

When you are done cleaning the fireplace burner, make sure to assess the connectors attached to the burner too.

You will want to ensure they are fully tightened.

This can sometimes become an issue later on, so it’s best to check it while you can.

What Should The Flame Look Like In A Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace flame should burn blue while having tips that are orange/yellow. It’s important to note the height and structure of the flame shouldn’t change. It should be set at a consistent height.

It’s common for flames to take a bit of time to start up.

Wait a few minutes and let the gas fireplace turn on and begin running. Once you do this, it’s time to assess the flame’s health.

Final Thoughts

Why does your gas fireplace have an uneven flame?

If your gas fireplace has an uneven flame, the most common reason has to do with a dirty or malfunctioning burner. To fix the issue, turn off the gas supply, remove the rocks out of the way, use a vacuum to clean the burner, and finish up with compressed air to get the remaining debris.

It’s also important to check the connectors nearby to ensure they are tightened correctly.

This is a must and will save you a lot of time on maintenance.

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