Why Is My Mini Fridge Too Cold? (Fixed)

Mini fridges are a wonderful appliance to have in your home.

They provide a compact, safe spot for your favorite beverages and foods. Just put them inside and know they will stay cool throughout the day.

With a mini fridge, it’s also important to make sure the temperature is perfect. This is why you want to be careful if the mini fridge is too cold.

If a mini fridge is too cold, this means the cold control knob is set higher than it should be. To fix this problem, unplug the appliance, set the cold control knob to the midway point, and then plug the mini fridge back in. This should correct the temperature.

It’s common for this to happen and it doesn’t take long to fix the problem.

Just make sure you know where the cold control knob is. It will vary with each mini fridge model, which is why having the manual handy is never a bad idea.

This article will explain more on what to do if the mini fridge is too cold.

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How To Fix A Mini Fridge That’s Too Cold

1. Unplug The Mini Fridge

If the mini fridge is freezing, this is not something to worry about.

You will have to go through a few steps to regulate the temperature.

This includes starting by unplugging the mini fridge from the outlet. This is to ensure the cooling stops and you can reset the mini fridge.

Do you have to let it sit for a while after doing this?

You don’t need to set the mini fridge aside and can move on to the next step immediately. However, if you do let the mini fridge cool for a few hours, it’s important to make sure everything inside is safe too.

Some food items might start melting if you are not careful (i.e. ice cream). Take this into account before setting the mini fridge aside for a few hours.

mini fridge too cold

2. Find The Cold Control Knob

Now, it is time to find the cold control knob.

This tends to be somewhere inside the mini fridge.

You will have to open the door and find the knob. It will likely have markings on it indicating what the current temperature is.

You can use this as a reference point to see whether or not the thermostat is working in unison with the cold control knob.

If it is, you just have to turn the cold control knob back to the midway point. This will help regulate the temperature and bring it back to a reasonable point.

3. Set To Midway Point

The midway point tends to be 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a good temperature for the mini fridge and is going to make sure your beverages or food items don’t get ruined.

You can always play around with this knob later on if you decide to change the temperature.

For now, you want to find a stable temperature that will work and is going to let you test to see whether or not the mini fridge’s thermostat is functioning. If it is, this simple change will get the job done.

If it is not, you might have a bigger issue on your hands meaning it’s time to change the thermostat.

mini fridge too cold

4. Test The Mini Fridge

The last step is always to test the mini fridge.

This is going to take an hour or so to complete.

The reason is the temperature is going to have to stabilize. This will take a few minutes and it can go up to a few hours depending on how cold the mini fridge was when you unplugged it.

If it was running on the coldest setting, this will take more than an hour.

Your goal is to keep track of the temperature and make sure it stabilizes somewhere around the 38 degrees mark.

This will be good enough for your mini fridge and yield good results.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps that will work when your mini fridge is too cold.

When a mini fridge is too cold, this means the temperature setting is too low or the thermostat is damaged. To fix the issue, unplug the appliance, turn the cold control knob to the midway point, and test the mini fridge by plugging it back in. This should reset the mini fridge.

If this does not work, you will need to look at the thermostat to see whether or not it’s working as designed to.

Sometimes, the mini fridge’s thermostat can break down and will need to be replaced. However, start with a basic fix such as turning the cold control knob to the midway point.

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