Do High Arc Faucets Splash More? (Answered)

High arc faucets have become increasingly popular among the masses. More and more property owners are looking to add this fixture to their kitchen sink because of its aesthetic appeal and general newness. However, you will want to know more about the experience of using it. This includes asking, do high arc faucets splash more?

High arc faucets can cause more splashing due to the exaggerated arch. This causes the water to fall a greater distance meaning it will splash more. It is quite noticeable when using a shallow sink.

It’s highly recommended to invest in a deeper sink to make sure the water doesn’t splash all over the place.

Key factors include:

  • Height of the Arch
  • Type of Faucet
  • Type of Sink

It is essential to make sure you are investing in a good combination to avoid the high arc faucet from splashing.

If you are asking “Do high arc faucets splash more?” then you will already be worried about the mess it might make. Indeed, this can be a problem if you are not taking the right precautions during the installation process.

This article will take a look at answering “Do high arc faucets splash more?” while also shedding light on what causes a high arc faucet to splash more than traditional alternatives.

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Reasons For High Arc Faucets Splashing More

1. Higher Drop Point for Water

The main reason for high arc faucets splashing more has to do with the height of the fixture.

In comparison to a traditional faucet, this one is going to have an exaggerated drop point. This means when you turn on the tap, the water is going to be dropping from a greater height.

This is one of the reasons you have to make sure to install the right sink. It is the only way to contain the water while still getting the aesthetic look you’re after as a homeowner.

When asking “Do high arc faucets splash more?” this has to be your first point of concern. It is not difficult to control as long as you have the right installation strategy. Invest in a good sink and you will be good to go!

do high arc faucets splash more

2. Shallow Sink

As mentioned before, you likely have a shallow sink if the water is splashing all over the place.

Most modern kitchens will also include deeper sinks to counteract this effect. It’s simply physics as a higher drop point is going to cause the water to splash more.

You will want to contain this splash with a deeper kitchen sink.

it is best to go with a sink that is approximately 8-12″ deep to ensure the water remains within the kitchen sink at all times.

Those who refuse to change their sink and/or don’t have a deep sink can end up dealing with constant splashing at higher settings.

The moment you turn on the faucet all the way, it is going to start splashing out of the sink.

As a result, it is better to invest in a good high arc faucet for your kitchen along with a deep sink. It will save you a lot of trouble as time goes on.

do high arc faucets splash more

3. Placement of the Faucet

Where is the high arc faucet going to be installed?

You will want to make sure the faucet is set in a way where it doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen while also reducing the splashing water.

When asking “Do high arc faucets splash more?” the placement will matter.

It is recommended to have the faucet sitting close to the sink ensuring all of the water hits the middle of the sink rather than off to one side.

If your current fixture is close to the sink then you are good to go. The goal is to have the arch closer to the middle.

By doing this, you are going to have a much easier time containing the water.

Related Questions

1. Do Tall Faucets Splash More?

Yes, tall faucets naturally splash more water. This is due to the higher drop point. Gravity causes the water to have a greater splash radius as soon as it makes contact with the sink.

2. How Do I Stop My Kitchen Faucet From Splashing?

The best way to stop your kitchen faucet from splashing is to invest in a deeper sink. It should be approximately 8-12″ in depth to contain splashing water from any high-arching faucet.

Final Thoughts

“Do high arc faucets splash more?”

High arc faucets are known for splashing more water than traditional alternatives. This is why it’s important to invest in a deeper kitchen sink to avoid splashing issues later on.

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