Do Salt Lamps Get Hot? (Answered!)

Salt lamps are renowned for having a beautiful glow that spreads across the room once turned on. This glow is aesthetically appealing and sets the tone for how the room looks.

While this is all true, you will often wonder how the salt lamp works. This includes asking, do salt lamps get hot?

Salt lamps do not get hot and will only be slightly warm to the touch. If the salt lamp gets too hot, the reason will often have to do with using the wrong type of bulb. By changing the bulb, the temperature will revert back to being warm.

It is rare for a salt lamp to get hot to the touch.

If you are maintaining it well and keeping it in the right spot (i.e. out of the sun), it is not going to get warm easily.

Here is a look at the reasons salt lamps can get hot and what to do about it.

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Reasons Salt Lamps Can Get Hot

1. Wrong Bulb

A common reason for salt lamps getting hot has to do with the bulb.

The salt lamp itself is not going to get hot as long as everything is already in place. The moment you go out and use the wrong bulb, this is going to change how the salt lamp functions.

If it manages to turn on, the salt lamp is going to be burning hot after a few hours.

It’s highly recommended to touch the salt lamp to see how hot it gets. If it is too hot, the bulb should be changed as soon as possible.

You do not want a situation where the salt lamp is too warm and it ends up dripping aggressively. This is a real concern and something you are not going to appreciate.

Be vigilant and make sure to change the bulb right away.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you are going to have a lukewarm salt lamp in your possession.

Do salt lamps get hot

2. Placed In The Sun

Salt lamps can get hot if they are placed in the wrong spot.

This has to do with the sun’s rays impacting the top surface of the salt lamp. This will cause the sweating to increase dramatically and the sun to have a serious effect on how the salt lamp functions.

You will want to keep it out of the sun to the best of your ability.

By doing this, you will know it is only going to get warm when something else is wrong. If it is kept in the sun, the top surface will naturally heat up.

3. Improper Use

This can happen from time to time.

The idea is you take the salt lamp and begin using it aggressively or placing it in the wrong spots. The best place to use a salt lamp is in a climate-controlled environment.

This is going to eradicate the natural issues that come along with putting salt lamps in specific parts of the house. If the area is climate-controlled, you are not going to have to worry about the salt lamp getting warm.

Just make sure it is set up in a cool part of the house and it is going to remain in good shape.

Do salt lamps get hot

4. Damaged Wiring

The wiring is one of those key details that people don’t think about as often as needed when testing a salt lamp.

In essence, the salt lamp is going to be connected to a power source to keep its bulb running. When this happens, it’s possible for there ot be an issue with the bulb itself.

You have to be careful when it comes to how the wiring is set up.

If the wiring is frayed and/or damaged, it is possible this can lead to issues with the salt lamp. Always check the electrical source to make sure it’s in working condition.

Final Thoughts

Do salt lamps get hot?

Salt lamps do not get hot when everything is working. They will likely be slightly warm to the touch but nothing unsafe or uncomfortable. However, a salt lamp can get hot if the wiring is frayed, you’re using the wrong bulb, or it is placed in the sun.

It’s recommended to test all of these things if your salt lamp is hot to the touch. This will help you get to the bottom of what’s going on and what needs to be fixed.

A hot salt lamp is not good as it will expedite sweating and ruin how effective the salt lamp is.

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