DampRid Vs Kitty Litter (Compared)

When you are looking to remove moisture from a room, it’s natural to want to use something that is refined and designed for the task.

However, some property owners attempt to get creative and look for solutions that are already available to them.

This includes kitty litter.

When considering this option, you will want to compare DampRid vs kitty litter.

DampRid is specifically formulated to help remove moisture from the environment, offers a simple solution, and does not have a distinct odor. In comparison, kitty litter is unappealing aesthetically, does emit an odor, and might not work as effectively.

While kitty litter does remove moisture from the environment, it’s not remotely close to what DampRid does in terms of efficiency.

If the goal is to get rid of moisture in a room then it is time to take a look at using DampRid. This is a must if you want to do things the right way and get the type of results that matter.

Here is a detailed comparison of DampRid vs kitty litter.

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Comparing DampRid Vs Kitty Litter

1. Efficiency

You should always take the time to think about how efficient a solution is.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a person makes when deciding between two types of products for moisture removal.

In general, DampRid is solely designed for this purpose and it will do a good job of removing moisture.

Kitty litter does help remove moisture but it is not as effective. It takes a long time and it is not always going to work depending on the amount of moisture in the room.

In comparison, DampRid will get the job done as it is specifically formulated to help get rid of moisture in a space.

You can set it up in a safe spot and know the moisture will be removed safely. This provides peace of mind compared to setting up kitty litter to remove moisture.

DampRid vs kitty litter

2. Odor

A lot of people mention the odor that comes from kitty litter.

This is not a pleasant smell and it is something you are going to have to deal with depending on where the kitty litter is set up.

It’s one thing to put it in the laundry room and another to have it set up in the living room or a high-traffic part of the property. The cat litter is just not going to be a good fit in such a spot.

In comparison, it’s easy to be discreet when it comes to using DampRid.

You will get rid of the moisture in the room and it is not going to leave an odor. This is ideal for doing things the right way.

3. Aesthetics

When comparing DampRid to cat litter, you have to think about aesthetics.

Yes, this might not be the first detail on your mind but it does matter. The goal is to ensure everything looks as it should and you are not settling for less in terms of how the room looks.

With DampRid, you can set it up instantly and it is going to be visually acceptable.

In comparison, kitty litter is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons. It is not meant to be used in this fashion and it will look odd depending on where it is set up.

DampRid vs kitty litter

4. Usability

The usability of a solution is something you are going to have to think about in great detail.

This includes how the solution is going to be used to remove moisture. Think about the room you are putting it in and where it will go.

If you have loads of space, you might be able to get away with kitty litter. If you don’t have enough space, you should be leaning towards DampRid.

It is made for this purpose and it will work well in a tighter space.

Final Thoughts

Look into these variables when comparing DampRid vs kitty litter.

DampRid is specifically formulated for removing moisture, is easier to hide, and will work in all types of situations. In comparison, kitty litter is less effective in removing moisture, stands out, and doesn’t work in heavy-moisture scenarios.

Consider your home and where you are going to be using this type of solution.

In most cases, it simply makes more sense to use DampRid.

You should be looking to do the same when it comes to moisture removal in the house. Don’t settle for kitty litter hoping it will get rid of the moisture in the room. It won’t.

By going with DampRid, you will know the results are going to come and they will be quick too.

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