How To Get A Refrigerator Through A Small Door (Step-By-Step)

Moving a refrigerator is easier said than done.

It requires attention to detail, meticulous measuring, and patience.

You cannot force a refrigerator through the doorway. It will demand a bit of positioning to get right and that is where people make mistakes.

The first thing to focus on is how to get a refrigerator through a small door without harming anything.

To get a refrigerator through a small door, measure the doorway, set up a sheet on the floor, and remove the handle. Use moving straps to hold the fridge and slide it through the doorway. If necessary, remove the door and its hinges to squeeze the fridge through.

You have to take multiple measurements before doing anything.

This is the only way to know that the fridge is going to get through the way you want it to. If it gets stuck, take a step back and don’t force the issue. This is how the doorway and/or fridge get damaged.

This guide is going to teach you how to get a refrigerator through a small door without damaging anything.

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Steps To How To Get A Refrigerator Through A Small Door

1. Measure The Doorway & Fridge

If you’re worried a refrigerator is too wide for a door, it’s time to take out the measuring tape.

You will start by measuring the fridge.

This will let you know what the fridge’s length, width, and depth are. This is key information when sliding a fridge through a small door.

The next step is to measure the doorway. This includes the width and height.

You will now have the measurements to figure out how to move a fridge through a small door.

This includes pinpointing whether it should slide straight through or with the bottom facing forward.

how to get a refrigerator through a small door

2. Place Mat or Sheet On The Floor

Now that you have the measurements, it’s time to begin preparing the doorway before moving the fridge.

When moving a fridge through a small door, you have to be prepared to protect everything including the flooring.

It’s common for the flooring to get ruined because the doorway was too small.

The best option is to set up a mat or sheet on the floor. This will ensure the fridge slides nicely without compromising the flooring.

3. Remove Handle

If it is a tight fit, you are highly recommended to prepare the fridge beforehand.

This means you will want to remove the handle attached to the fridge. The goal here is to ensure you can save a few inches as the fridge slides through.

There is nothing worse than having the fridge’s handle get stuck in the doorway!

Since it is a smaller doorway, you will want to take the measurements and see if the handle has to be removed. For the most part, it is always better to take off the handle and save yourself the stress of it getting stuck.

Most handles do stick out at least 2-3 inches.

how to get a refrigerator through a small door

4. Use Moving Straps For Control

You will have to consider setting up moving straps for added control.

A smaller door is harder to manage.

You have to make sure the fridge gets through as you want without having it slide to the side. To ensure that is the case, it’s best to set up moving straps and then leverage your body to get the fridge through.

Remember, you don’t have to lift the fridge while doing this.

Just hold onto it with the moving straps and make sure it does not veer to the side.

Can Refrigerator Doors Be Removed To Fit Through Doorway?

Refrigerator doors can be removed to fit through the doorway. It’s recommended to lessen the fridge’s width and this can be done by either removing the handle or door. Take measurements and see which option is ideal for your move.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to get a refrigerator through a small door.

When trying to get a refrigerator through a small door, it’s recommended to measure both the fridge and doorway. Next, set up a sheet on the floor, remove the door handle, and slide it through using moving straps.

This is the best way to make sure you get the refrigerator through the doorway without harming anything.

Remember, you have less leeway when it comes to fitting a refrigerator through a small door.

Stay patient and move slowly through the door. This will help get the fridge through as you want it to.

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