Should You Paint Inside Of Cabinets?

Most people focus on painting the outside of a kitchen cabinet.

This is a part of the cabinetry that’s noticeable and will set the tone for the rest of the kitchen. However, it also becomes important to recognize what to do when it comes to the inside of cabinets.

You will want to start by asking, should I paint the inside of cabinets?

You do not have to paint the inside of cabinets. Most will come with a protective layer to protect against oil and moisture as that’s common in kitchens. The only time painting the inside of a kitchen cabinet is required is when there’s visual decay.

If you do want to paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet then it’s best to use high-quality paint. This is the only way to see tangible results and feel good about how it will look.

Here is a breakdown of what to do when you want to learn how to paint the inside of kitchen cabinets the right way.

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Benefits Of Painting Inside Of Cabinets

1. Improved Appearance

If you want to paint the inside of cabinets a different color then there’s an immediate aesthetic change. It will be noticeable to everyone.

This is why the aesthetic benefit is something that does play a role in your decision.

Instead of a yellowing inside that looks odd, you can make it consistent with the outside of a kitchen cabinet. This is often necessary when the cabinet hasn’t been painted for a long time.

If it bothers you then it’s best to paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet as soon as you can.

2. Increased Durability

It’s also important to consider the durability of a kitchen cabinet.

If it is starting to depreciate from the inside, this can impact the outside of a kitchen cabinet too. This is simply due to how the yellow stains and decaying begins to spread.

You will always want to stay on top of this as a homeowner. By painting the inside of a kitchen cabinet, you can eliminate this worry by adding multiple layers of new paint.

 paint inside of cabinets

3. Completes The Look

When you learn how to refresh the inside of cabinets, you will realize how it can complete the overall look.

This is an important feature in the kitchen and it should look nice from all angles. This includes when a person walks up to the kitchen cabinet and opens it.

By painting both sides of a kitchen cabinet, you will make sure it looks the part. This alone is a major advantage.

4. Removes Signs of Aging

A concern people tend to note has to do with aging.

Cabinets will naturally age and that is due to how the wood withstands moisture, pests, and oil vapors.

However, you can reduce the impact of aging by repainting the inside of a kitchen cabinet. It will go a long way in beautifying this part of the kitchen and making it look just as bright as its exterior.

 paint inside of cabinets

Cons of Painting Inside of Cabinets

1. Time-Consuming

It is not going to be an easy process.

Painting any side of the kitchen cabinet will take quite a bit of time. This can become a multi-day project due to the drying phases in between.

If you are someone that is in a hurry then it’s best to save your time for what’s most important (i.e. the outside of a kitchen cabinet). However, if you have a bit of time on your hands then repainting the inside of a kitchen cabinet makes sense.

It is often about time and effort with a project such as this one.

2. Difficult

You will have to understand how difficult this is going to be.

Essentially, you are doubling the amount of work that’s going to be done during the project. Instead of painting one side, you are now taking on the task of painting both sides.

They are both the same size and will require a similar amount of layers. This is something to account for when planning to paint your kitchen cabinets at home.

 paint inside of cabinets

3. Costly

If you want to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro, it’s important to note how costly this endeavor can become.

You will end up having to use twice as much primer, paint, and topcoat. This is expensive and it is going to start to add up if you have numerous kitchen cabinets to paint at once.

Account for this and set up a budget before beginning. This should shed light on what you need to do as a homeowner.

How To Paint Inside of Cabinets

1. Remove Debris

The first thing you are going to do while learning how to paint the inside of cabinets is to remove all noticeable debris.

This includes stains, dust, and/or anything else that is visually noticeable. The goal is to have a blank slate when you begin painting this side of the kitchen cabinet.

Otherwise, the results won’t be as good as you want them to be.

 paint inside of cabinets

2. Choose A Similar Type of Paint

You will want to choose the same type of paint that you are using for the outside of the kitchen cabinet. This is the only way to make sure it looks balanced and proportionate.

A lot of people don’t do this and then it looks out of place.

Choose one type of paint and stick to it. You are welcome to change the colors and go with something contrasting if you desire.

3. Sand The Surface

You will want to smoothen the inside of a kitchen cabinet using sandpaper.

This will ensure the primer and paint settle on the surface as you want them to. Sanding is key and you don’t want to skip this part of the process.

Take the time to run the sandpaper over each part of the cabinet and make sure to get it all. This is how you will get a good surface to paint.

 paint inside of cabinets

4. Apply Primer

The primer is an integral part of painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets.

You will want to take the primer and begin applying it from one end to the other. Do this as evenly as possible and make sure to use a high-grade primer that will last.

5. Apply Paint

Once the primer has dried, you will want to move on to the painting process.

This means you will want to use the paint that has been purchased for this task and apply two coats. The idea behind applying multiple coats is to ensure there are no gaps in the texture.

This is the only way to see the type of results you’re hoping for.

 paint inside of cabinets

6. Apply Topcoat

The last step is to wait for the paint to dry and then apply the topcoat.

This will allow the paint to seal and hold as you want it to. This is important or the paint is going to start chipping and that is never a nice sight.

Keep things simple and apply the topcoat evenly.

Final Thoughts

Should you paint the inside of cabinets?

You do not have to paint the inside of cabinets as they are often protected from moisture and oil vapors. If you do desire to paint this part of the cabinet, it’s recommended to use the right type of paint.

The aesthetic change can be worth the hassle on your end.

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