Should TV Overhang The Stand?

Setting a TV on a stand is common for most homes.

It’s a great way to set up an aesthetically pleasing fixture in your room that looks appealing and has all the qualities a person needs for their viewing experience.

While this is true, you will want to make sure the TV and stand go together seamlessly. This includes asking, should a TV overhang the stand?

A TV can overhang the stand by 3 inches on both sides. It’s recommended to remain within this limit to avoid tilting and/or related damage due to extensive overhanging.

It’s important to look at how stable the TV stand is before doing this. If it is already wobbling then it might not be safe to do this. Look at the situation in front of you and then decide what is best moving forward.

This article will look at a few things to consider before seeing if a TV should overhang the stand.


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Tips On How A TV Can Overhang The Stand

1. Aim for Less Than 3″

You will want to start with a simple rule of thumb.

A TV will be too big for a stand when it’s over 3″ on both sides. This is when the TV will begin to look odd and it might also become unstable.

The best course of action is to look to measure the TV stand and see what works best for the situation in front of you. If it seems like the TV will topple over because it’s overhanging too much then it’s best to look for another solution.

You don’t want a situation where it is 10″ too big. This can cause the TV to fall easily.

It also won’t look as good, which is another factor that has to be taken into account. A TV that doesn’t go with the stand will always look unappealing.

should tv overhang the stand

2. Test the Stand’s Stability

You will want to take the time to test the TV stand’s stability.

Imagine setting up a new TV on the stand and then realizing it is wobbling too much! This happens a lot more than you think and it’s common for TV to start falling due to this reason.

It’s your responsibility to take a look at how stable the TV stand is well in advance. This will ensure you are prepared for the TV wobbling.

If the stand is doing this, you will want to look for an alternative rather than taking the risk. Your TV could fall because the TV stand is unstable. This is not worth the risk.

If you believe the TV stand can be fixed then it’s recommended to do so before placing the TV on it. What you don’t want to do is begin to make changes after as that might already be too late.

Always test how stable a TV stand is and then see how that is going to be impacted by an oversized TV. It’s better to not have a TV that overhangs the stand but a few inches is fine if the stand itself is stabilized.

should tv overhang the stand

3. Keep The TV Centered

You will always want to keep the TV centered on the stand.

The reason has to do with a TV toppling over as soon as someone walks by or a bit of pressure is put on the table. This is the type of risk you are not going to want to take when it comes to an expensive TV.

By having the TV centered, you are going to ensure it is appropriately balanced on the stand at all times.

This includes having it centered from all sides.

Don’t forget to center the TV by depth as well. There are two measurements that need to be taken and both should be centered before you place the TV on the stand.

Final Thoughts

Should a TV overhang the stand?

A TV can overhang the stand by 3 inches. This is enough for the TV to remain stable on the stand without compromising either fixture. Anything more than this can increase the risk of the TV toppling over and damaging everything.

It’s generally recommended to invest in a compatible TV stand for a new purchase. This is the only way to make sure you are buying a TV stand that is not undersized and is going to work well for the TV you’ve purchased.

Look into this when it’s time to use a TV stand at home.

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