Should I Install Soap Dispenser In Granite? (Solved)

Soap dispensers are useful fixtures.

It’s common for households to have them set up on the countertop. However, it’s also important to understand the differences between materials (i.e. granite, marble).

What works on one is not going to be as effective on another.

For this article, it’s time to look at the question, should I install a soap dispenser in granite?

It’s fine to install a soap dispenser in granite. The material is robust enough to hold the soap dispenser and is not going to be impacted by the residue.

It’s highly recommended to have the soap dispenser set up closer to the sink’s rim. This is to ensure the residue is still kept to a minimum while guaranteeing it’s in a functional spot on the countertop.

The wrong placement can make even a useful fixture difficult to use.

This article is going to take a look at whether or not it’s smart to install a soap dispenser in a granite countertop.

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Things To Consider When Installing Soap Dispenser In Granite

1. Durability of Granite

When it comes to installing a soap dispenser on granite, it’s important to start with the countertop’s durability.

You have to ensure the soap dispenser is not going to harm the granite’s longevity. This includes not only the fixture itself but also soap residue dripping from the dispenser.

In general, granite is a resilient material and is not going to break down easily.

This means you can install a soap dispenser on granite and not worry about it at all. It’s going to age gracefully and the dispenser is going to look good at the same time.

You can feel confident in using a soap dispenser on granite because it will work well throughout the day.

This is why more and more property owners lean towards granite countertops when it is time to choose a good fit for their kitchen. It simply works well and allows you to add the fixtures you want to add.

When a fixture is robust, it is a lot easier to make adjustments. This is why soap dispensers work well on granite countertops.

should i install soap dispenser in granite

2. Placement of the Soap Dispenser

Always take the time to think about where the soap dispenser is going.

The wrong placement will take away from the dispenser’s functionality and then it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a marble or granite countertop.

In most cases, it’s best to have it as close to the sink as possible to reduce excess residue sitting on the countertop.

For the most part, it is recommended to have it sitting closer to the sink’s rim.

This makes it a lot easier to manage over the long term. Even if there is dripping soap, you will have no trouble cleaning it up.

3. Usability

How usable is the soap dispenser once it is set into place?

You can’t have a situation where the soap dispenser is difficult to use and becomes impossible to adjust.

A good soap dispenser on granite is going to be easy to install and is not going to get in the way of what you are doing in the kitchen.

Just set it into place and know it will work well.

This is why it’s best to have it closer to the sink’s rim. It will save you a lot of trouble later and it’s going to look the part too.

should i install soap dispenser in granite

4. Maintenance

If things are not easy to maintain, you are not going to enjoy the results that come along with an investment such as this.

A good soap dispenser for your countertop should be easy to maintain.

This is why it works well with granite.

The countertop is not going to take a lot to manage and you can easily wipe away the soap residue without thinking twice. This is key for those who want something that will add value to their space rather than make it messy.

Go with a good option and know it will improve the look and feel of your space.

Final Thoughts

Should I install a soap dispenser in granite?

It is okay to install a soap dispenser in granite. The granite is robust, easy to maintain, and will work well with soap residue. Wipe away the residue and know the granite will be back to how it was before.

To maximize how the soap dispenser works, you should have it closer to the sink. This will ensure excess residue goes into the sink and/or is easy to wipe.

If it is far, it might be harder to reach as well.

Keep things simple and you will see better results. This does make a difference for those setting up a new soap dispenser on granite.

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