Why Is Sherwin-Williams Paint So Expensive? (Solved)

Finding the right paint is all about setting a budget, knowing your needs, and not settling for a mediocre formulation.

Loads of property owners struggle when finding the best paint for their project and it can lead them down a terrible path of poor-quality paint.

To avoid this, you will want to look at what is available and how much it’s going to cost. A common example of this is Sherwin-Williams paint.

You will often wonder, why is Sherwin-Williams paint so expensive?

Sherwin-Williams paint is expensive because of the research and development that goes into their paint products. This research allows them to produce longer-lasting, crisper paint compared to other leading brands.

It’s important to note, Sherwin-Williams does offer discounts from time to time.

It’s normal for certain paints to go up for sale with a discount of 25-40% depending on the time of year.

Due to their large selection of paints, it’s normal for this to be seen throughout the year.

Here is a look at the reasons Sherwin-Williams paints are expensive and what to account for when buying new paint.

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Reasons Sherwin-Williams Paint Is Expensive

1. Research & Development

The reason Sherwin-Williams paint is expensive comes down to the amount of research that goes into fine-tuning the formulation.

Noted for being one of the best paint brands on the planet, Sherwin-Williams has a reputation to uphold.

To do this, it goes above and beyond everyone else in the open market.

This includes taking the time to set up labs and produce high-quality formulations. These formulations are supposed to last longer, apply easily, and work well in any space.

While other paint brands don’t go in-depth with their formulation, Sherwin-Williams continues to be among the best at what it does.

This requires ample research and development time.

To fund that timing, they require millions of dollars, which is then recouped through the revenue.

To make sure the company is earning a profit, the prices are increased and tend to be higher than other paint brands.

why is sherwin williams paint so expensive

2. Cutting-Edge Paint Technology

Paint is not the same as it used to be in the past.

There are layers to how the formulation is created and that includes using new-age paint technology.

The science behind this cannot be stressed enough and it’s seen with all of the leading paint companies in the world. Everyone is trying to get a leg up and that includes focusing on using top-tier tech.

For this to happen, a lot of funding is required.

This funding eats into the profits if the price is not increased.

Due to this, Sherwin-Williams has become a prestigious paint brand that is noted for having higher prices than the average brand.

3. Rare Color Options

It is one thing to go out looking for traditional paint color and another to look for rare colors.

The rarer colors or shades are all about the formulation.

If the formulation is not good, the paint might seem like it will be perfect but won’t turn out good once it’s on a surface.

This is why Sherwin-Williams spends quite a bit of time on its selection of paints. With so many paint colors to choose from, it can become confusing as to what is good and what is not.

All of these choices are what make Sherwin-Williams good.

The paint brand does not let up when it comes to producing new colors. There are some of the rarest paint colors in the company’s collection and that is what allows it to stand out.

why is sherwin williams paint so expensive

Is Sherwin-Williams High Quality?

Sherwin-Williams is noted for being a high-quality paint brand. It produces luxurious, long-lasting colors that are easy to apply and look great on all types of surfaces. With a reputation for strict quality control standards, this is a leading paint brand.

If your goal is to find the best possible paint then Sherwin-Williams is going to be on your list of options.

Final Thoughts

Why is Sherwin-Williams paint so expensive?

Sherwin-Williams paint is expensive because the company spends considerable money on research, development, new-age paint technology, and producing rare colors. This helps set it apart from the others but comes with a higher price tag.

For those wanting to get the best paint colors, this is a no-brainer. You gain access to all of the hard work that Sherwin-Williams pours into its paint and it lasts for a long time too.

This is why this is a company that continues to set higher prices than some of the other brands on the open market.

This is important to note for those who do want to go with the best possible paint.

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