How To Wash Down Pillows In Front Load Washer

Washing down pillows demands attention to detail and the right approach to using a front load washer.

You will want to assess each variable including how long the down pillow will be wash when it will be washed, and whether or not to handwash it.

Most people start by learning how to wash down pillows in a front load washer.

The best way to wash down pillows in a front load washer is by running a separate load. Do not mix the down pillows with anything else. Set the front washer to “delicate” and let it rinse the down pillows with detergent.

This is ideal for making sure the down pillows are as clean as you want them to be. A lot of people handwash their down pillows and that’s fine but it is unnecessary. You can get away with nothing more than placing the down pillows in a front load washer.

This article will be looking at a step-by-step breakdown of how to wash down pillows in a front load washer.

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Steps On How To Wash Down Pillows In A Front Load Washer

1. Always Run a Separate Load

Your goal should be to run an independent load.

Washing down pillows with clothes, blankets, or anything else can compromise them. The reason has to do with how fragile these pillows can be. You don’t want to expose them to rubbing against other materials including simple clothes.

By running a separate load, you are going to eliminate this worry completely. It goes a long way when it comes to feeling confident with how well the down pillow washes in a front load washer.

When washing down pillows in a washing machine, your top priority has to be cleanliness. This is going to only happen when you wash the down pillows separately and don’t toss them in with everything else.

how to wash down pillows in front load washer

2. Set Washer To Delicate

You don’t want to turn the front load washer to high as soon as you place the down pillows inside. This can increase the risk of the down pillow breaking down or tearing at the seams.

Instead, you will want to set the front load washer to delicate or whatever is similar on your specific appliance.

It should be a gentle wash that is simply going to rinse the down pillow and then clean them with high-quality detergent. You will want to run this cycle to its end making sure the down pillows are washed as intended.

If possible, you should make sure to test the washer with other items to see whether or not the delicate cycle works as expected. This will let you gauge whether or not it is smart to put your down pillows in the washing machine at home.

3. Use a High-Quality Detergent

The detergent is going to play a major role in cleaning the down pillows and getting rid of any odors that linger around.

A good example would be using a quality detergent that is perfect for down pillows. Anything that isn’t harsh and will work well on the delicate cycle is a good starting point.

This will ensure the front load washer can do its job and continue to work in the background.

how to wash down pillows in front load washer

4. Make Sure The Washer Cycles Multiple Times

This is an important tip when washing down pillows in a washer.

You will want to let the delicate cycle run its course. This is important because it allows the down pillow to be washed properly rather than having it go through half of a cycle. This type of inefficiency can make it quite difficult to see results.

Let the washer cycle run through and ensure it is turning inside with the down pillows.

If you do this, the results are going to impress.

You will enjoy how clean the down pillows are after going through the washing cycle.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to wash down pillows in the front load washer.

To wash down pillows in a front load washer, you will have to set the washing machine to “delicate” and add detergent for the rinse cycle to complete. Whenever you wash down pillows in a washer, it’s highly recommended to wash them independently. This means no additional clothes, blankets, or similar items.

Washing the down pillows separately can make or break how effective the cleaning process is. This is one of those solutions you should not be mixing with other items because it can lead to unwanted tearing.

Keep these tips in mind when it is time to start washing your down pillows at home.

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