Why Do I Have Tiny Spiders In My House?

Even if you are not an arachnophobe (extreme fear of spiders), it’s still unsettling to see tiny spiders moving around inside the house.

You will want to find a way to get rid of them.

Before doing this, it’s important to ask, why do I have tiny spiders in my house?

Tiny spiders can appear in a house when there are accessible openings such as holes in the wall, cracked windows, or any crevice along the foundation. Spiders will crawl in and access the home looking for a safe resting spot with food.

It’s essential to find a way to get rid of tiny spiders at home as safely as possible. This will require a bit of due diligence on your part by understanding what the root cause is.

This article is going to take a detailed look at why there are tiny spiders in the house and how to put an end to this right away.

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Reasons You Have Tiny Spiders In The House

1. Open Door or Window

The most common reason you have tiny spiders in the home has to do with an opening.

This could be something as simple as a crack in the door that is allowing insects to come in. When spiders start coming into the house, it’s essential to find these cracks as they are the easiest access points for all types of pests.

The reason spiders will come into the home has to do with warmth and food. They will want to be in a setting where they have access to these things as they spin their web.

You will want to look at where the spider is and then start searching for potential openings. If a window isn’t closing properly then this might be the root cause of your problem.

You will also know what to fix and where to put the spider repellent in your home. This is key information and it has to be the foundation of everything you do to rectify the issue.

tiny spiders in house

2. Came With A New Plant

Let’s assume you just bought a new plant with potting soil.

When this happens, it is common for spiders to come along for the ride. The spider will be inside the soil and you are not going to notice it.

Of course, when the spider starts moving around and observing its territory, it will want to explore more. This is when it will leave the plant and start moving to other parts of the house.

If you just bought a new plant, it might be time to take it outside and see if there are more spiders lurking around in the pot.

3. Crevice in the Wall

With tiny spiders in a house, you will also want to take the time to look for small crevices along the baseboards or any other part of the wall.

It is often surprising for homeowners when they realize it doesn’t take a lot for spiders to get inside. Even a tiny hole is more than enough.

You will have to account for this to make sure additional pests don’t enter the property. Once you find the crevice, it’s important to close it as soon as you can. Start here and you are going to see good results.

tiny spiders in house

4. Firewood

Firewood is something you will have to account for as it can become a long-term problem.

The idea is when you purchase firewood, it’s going to come from natural sources. This is where the spider is going to settle into the firewood and then walk around inside the house as soon as you bring it indoors.

The fire is going to cause the spider to move and that is when you will have a pest issue on your hands.

It’s important to inspect the firewood and get rid of any spiders that are lingering around. Don’t just carry them into the house!

Final Thoughts

Why do I have tiny spiders in my house?

You can have tiny spiders in the house because they come through openings in the door or window. Spiders are attracted by the home’s warmth and food availability. This causes them to move indoors and find a resting spot inside one of the rooms. It’s best to use an active spider repellent to get rid of them.

Always take your time with the spider repellent and make sure it is the right one for your home. This is the only way to see good results.

Otherwise, you are not going to be happy with how many spiders are inside the house at one time.

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