Why Does My Shower Sound Like A Kettle? (Answered!)

Dealing with a loud shower is annoying and will make it difficult to spend time in the house when someone is washing up.

Even taking a shower on your own is going to become an unpleasant experience.

The first question you are going to ask is – why does my shower sound like a kettle?

A shower can sound like a kettle because there’s excessive water pressure in the pipe. This causes the water to squeeze inside the pipe creating a whistling or kettle-like noise. To resolve this issue, it’s best to shut off the main valve and adjust the water pressure.

It’s highly recommended to take care of this problem before it worsens. It can cause the pipe to burst and/or start leaking to the point of unwanted water damage.

A shower making whistling noises means something is wrong and has to be corrected as soon as possible.

This article will take a look at why a shower sounds like a kettle and what to do about it.

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Reasons Shower Sounds Like Kettle

1. Excessive Water Pressure

When learning how to fix a squealing shower, you will want to test the water pressure.

This is often the root cause of the problem. When the water pressure is far more than the pipe or showerhead can handle, it’s normal for it to make a whistling noise.

The water pressure has to be toned down for the problem to go away.

2. Build-Up Inside The Pipe

When a new showerhead whistles, you will want to consider what is causing it to make these types of noises.

One of the issues can have to do with build-up inside the pipe that has not been removed. This can include debris that is present inside the pipe.

Look to remove the showerhead and clean the pipe to ensure it is fully functional. If you leave it as-is, the problem will worsen.

Why does my shower sound like a kettle

3. Damaged Pipe

If a shower whistles when running hot water then it is likely a damaged valve or pipe.

There are multiple components inside a shower faucet and pipe. You will want to test each component and make sure the pipe isn’t damaged.

This will cause it to make noise as soon as water runs through it. You have to be careful when it comes to the pipe and ensure it is not damaged to the point of no return.

The best course of action when this happens is to replace the entire pipe with the help of a plumber.

Steps On How To Fix Whistling Noise From Shower

1. Shut Off The Main Valve

When a shower makes a high-pitched noise, you will want to start by shutting off the main valve.

The goal is to turn off the water supply so you can take a look at the showerhead and pipe. There will be an issue in one of these components and it’s best to check them out individually.

By turning off the water, you will get a chance to take a proper look without getting drenched or having to deal with leaking water.

When you do shut off the water valve, let the water drain by turning on the tap. Just let it sit in this position until all of the leftover water drains out.

Why does my shower sound like a kettle

2. Reduce The Water Pressure

When there is a noise behind the shower wall then it is likely going to have to do with water pressure.

It’s common for some showers to have excessive water pressure. You will have to take the time to turn down the water pressure at the water source.

This will ensure a reduced amount of water comes through to the pipe per second. If you increase the water pressure, the opposite is going to happen with the noise getting worse.

Make sure to reduce the water pressure and test the shower again.

3. Turn On The Main Valve

You will now want to look at whether or not that fixed the issue.

For most situations, this is all you are going to have to do. Turn on the main valve so the water continues to turn through as expected.

This will let you turn on the shower to see whether or not it’s working as planned.

Why does my shower sound like a kettle

4. Check For Sound

The goal now is to check for the sound.

You will want to test whether or not the shower sounds like a kettle. If it still has a high-pitched sound then something else is wrong.

This can include a damaged pipe inside the wall.

You will want to call a plumber to take a deeper look at what is going on.

Final Thoughts

Why does my shower sound like a kettle?

Your shower can sound like a kettle because of an increase in water pressure, damaged pipe, build-up inside the pipe, or a broken showerhead. It’s recommended to turn off the water supply and decrease the water pressure to reduce the sound.

If you let this problem persist, the sound may worsen.

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