Are Weighted Blankets Warm Enough For Winter?

Weighted blankets are intriguing and used by people to provide a sense of comfort. However, what about those wintry nights when the temperature drops and it is better to snuggle under a warm blanket for a good night’s sleep? This is when a lot of people want to make sure they are finding a good blanket. It can even lead you to ask, are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?

Weighted blankets are not good for staying warm in the winter. They are noted designed to maximize heat retention, which is essential during the winter. Instead, it’s recommended to use a warm quilt alongside the weighted blanket for maximum results.

This is key for those who are thinking about buying a weighted blanket for the winter.

Key factors include:

  • Heat Retention
  • Type of Quilt
  • Overall Design

Weighted blankets are great for several reasons but wintry nights are not one of them!

You will want to take the time to ask “Are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?” and also learn more about what you are going to need for a colder night in bed.

Since you are not going to get good heat retention in the winter, you will want to think about alternatives that work well.

Here is more on the question “Are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?” while also taking a look at why weighted blankets don’t work well in the winter.

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Reasons a Weighted Blanket Isn’t Warm

1. Designed to Provide Comfort

The main premise of a weighted blanket is to provide comfort through weight.

Studies have been done on the idea of feeling hugged while sleeping. This soothes the body and allows you to have a good night’s sleep that might not have been possible in the past.

As a result, a lot of people dealing with insomnia push towards weighted blankets because they work.

While they do offer amazing results in terms of comfort, you are not going to see the same benefits in the form of warmth. This is not what weighted blankets are marketed for doing as the goal is to have additional weight on the body.

This is why anyone asking “Are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?” has to focus on this element in great detail.

are weighted blankets warm enough for winter

2. Minimal Heat Retention

The reason blankets work has to do with heat retention.

This means the body’s warmth doesn’t escape through the blanket and stays inside warming the body. This is what any blanket does but with a weighted blanket, you are not going to see the same results.

Yes, it will offer a bit of natural heat retention but it won’t offer maximum heat retention as needed on colder nights.

The average weighted blanket is going to have reduced heat retention in comparison to other options on the open market.

This is why most people look towards other layers as a way to stay warm.

It will be up to you as to how you want to go about this. The weighted blanket is great but it is not the only way to stay warm.

You will want to look at alternatives.

are weighted blankets warm enough for winter

3. Require a Quilt or Extra Layer of Warmth

When asking “Are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?” it is also important to think about the additional layer of warmth in great detail.

The best option is to use a quilt as that layer of warmth.

When combined with the weighted blanket, it’s going to work like a charm and offer enough warmth for any type of night.

Based on tests done on this subject, heat retention isn’t possible without the use of another layer such as a warm quilt.

When it starts to get cold in the bedroom, you will want this layer available to you.

Most people prefer the weight of a weighted blanket while also leaning towards the warmth of a quilt or another blanket.

When done together, the results are impressive and you are going to enjoy sleeping at night in the winter.

1. Do Weighted Blankets Make You Hot At Night?

No, weighted blankets do not make you hot at night. They are designed to remain breathable, which makes it harder for heat retention to be possible.

2. Are Weighted Blankets Warm or Cool?

Each weighted blanket has a different type of fabric. In general, weighted blankets are designed more for weight and tend to run cooler than other options.

Final Thoughts

“Are weighted blankets warm enough for winter?”

Weighted blankets are rarely enough for the winter and tend to remain breathable in all situations. This means you are going to need another layer to stay warm.

It is best to use a quilt in most circumstances.

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