Can Sherwin-Williams Darken Paint? (Solved)

When it comes to finding the right paint, it’s important to understand the value of color matching.

If the color is not a good fit, this can hamper everything you’re doing during a project.

This is why most property owners are particular about the specific shade of their paint. It’s not just about the color but also getting the shade spot on.

Keeping this in mind, you might ask, can Sherwin-Williams darken paint?

Sherwin-Williams can darken paint in store. In general, the company will darken the paint by up to 50% at the request of the customer. It’s best to speak to a representative to learn more about the process and how customizable it is.

Making subtle adjustments to the paint color does matter. You will want to optimize everything and that includes the specific shade of paint being used.

Some paint stores don’t do this for customers but that is not a concern with Sherwin-Williams.

The store will take care of the paint and make sure it’s the exact shade you want it to be. Here is more on how Sherwin-Williams darkens paint and why it’s one of the best at what it does.

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How Does Sherwin-Williams Darken Paint?

1. In-Store Assessment Of Existing Paint

Sherwin-Williams darkens paint with meticulous care.

This includes having an in-store specialist run the paint through a cutting-edge tool to see what is required for the darkening process.

It’s these details that showcase how professional Sherwin-Williams is as a specialized paint company. It knows what a customer needs right away.

Let the in-store specialist darken the paint and know it will look the way you want it to.

Sherwin-Williams will darken the paint by up to 50% and is going to ensure it is assessed in detail by a specialist. Once done, the specialist will make sure to go through the process with you to ensure it’s the way you want it to be.

can sherwin williams darken paint

2. Cutting-Edge Darkening Process

The paint is darkened with a lot of care.

The specialist will use in-house tools to make sure the mixture is perfect. Since the goal is to use existing paint, the specialist is going to assess it beforehand.

This assessment phase allows the specialist to get a read on how much new paint is required to complete the darkening phase. To get this right, it’s important to dig through these details one by one.

The specialist will do this by asking questions and giving samples of how the paint is going to be darkened.

Soak in this information and make sure to personalize everything about the new paint.

3. Color Matching With Database of Paints

What allows Sherwin-Williams to darken paints quickly?

It all starts with the database on hand. The company has one of the world’s largest databases due to its selection of paints.

These paints allow the company to go through a wide array of shades to pinpoint what is best for your situation. This includes what is required to darken the paint without losing its quality.

Let the specialist guide you through this process and use the database to your advantage.

Most paint stores will not do this for you and are going to recommend buying new paint. Sherwin-Williams does not do this and that is what makes it stand out.

can sherwin williams darken paint

4. Test The Paint

The last step is to test the paint.

Most specialists will put forward a small strip to showcase how the paint is going to look once it’s applied.

You will get a look at the paint strip to see whether or not it is in line with what you desire. Speak to the specialist to fine-tune the paint based on your requirements.

This is why having such an immersive experience is key. It allows customers to optimize how dark the paint is.

It is these details that matter most when you want to darken paint through Sherwin-Williams.

Final Thoughts

Can Sherwin-Williams darken paint?

Sherwin-Williams can darken paint in store. A specialist will take the time to analyze the existing paint, match it to the database, and come up with darker paint. The company can darken the paint by up to 50%.

If the goal is to go darker then you will have to buy new paint.

Since Sherwin-Williams can go up to 50%, this ensures most shades are viable with existing paint colors.

Take the time to go through these details with the in-house specialist. It will ensure you get a good read on what is available and what is not.

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