Does Sherwin-Williams Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Solved)

Sherwin-Williams is often compared to Benjamin Moore as a leading paint brand. It is a name that is heralded in the industry and one that is trusted by the masses.

You will notice Sherwin-William stores from time to time. These are paint-centric stores that are designed to make paints as accessible as possible.

This will make you wonder, does Sherwin-Williams sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Sherwin-Williams does not sell Benjamin Moore paint. It carries specific brands commonly associated with its parent company including Dupli-Color, Dutch Boy, and VHT. Benjamin Moore paints are sold through independent stores and dealers.

If you wish to purchase Benjamin Moore paint, it’s recommended to find a local paint shop to see if they carry it.

You can also go through the Benjamin Moore site and see where the paint is sold in your region.

Here is a look at understanding more about the relationship between Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore as two of the top paint brands in the world.

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Does Sherwin-Williams Own Benjamin Moore?

Sherwin-Williams does not own Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore is renowned for being a locally-owned paint brand. In comparison, Sherwin-Williams has a corporate structure and has a more widespread network with stores.

Both paint brands are reputable and hold great sway in the industry.

If you are on the lookout for high-quality paint, you will want to have these two brands at the top of your list.

You are going to see impressive results and it will work out in your favor.

For the most part, Sherwin-Williams should have a location in your region. Their stores hold all of their major paint brands and you can take a look at which ones work for your project.

For Benjamin Moore, you are going to have to find local dealers that are selling the paint brand in their shop.

Take the time to look through these details to find the right paint for your needs moving forward.

does sherwin williams sell benjamin moore paint

Is Sherwin-Williams Or Benjamin Moore Paint Better?

Both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore’s paint have benefits. The core quality control standards of these two brands are exceptional. The right choice comes down to personal preference and the project’s demands.

Choose the right paint instead of looking at the brand when dealing with these two.

The brands themselves are the real deal and are heavily vetted by industry experts. Whether you go with Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore, the quality is not going to let you down.

Just make sure the paint works for you and that will be more than enough to see tangible results.

What Paint Brands Does Sherwin-Williams Make?

Sherwin-Williams is a corporate powerhouse when it comes to being an established paint brand. It has multiple stores across the nation and is well-regarded for its quality control standards. It owns paint brands such as VHT, Dutch Boy, Minwax, and WaterSeal.

You will know the quality is impressive due to the depth of their selection.

Take the time to pick and choose the right paint brands for your needs. This alone is going to have a substantial impact on how you feel about the paint over the long haul.

Make sure the paint brands are in line with what you want and it will work out as planned.

does sherwin williams sell benjamin moore paint

Who Is Benjamin Moore Paint Owned By?

Benjamin Moore paint is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. This brand was established in 1906 as a Canadian paint company. As it grew into a significant brand, Berkshire Hathaway swooped in and acquired the company in 2000.

It is now one of the biggest paint brands on the market and is well-regarded for its quality paint.

Most people associate Benjamin Moore’s paints with quality and rightly so.

The paint selection is impressive, diverse, and long-lasting.

If you are looking to buy paint, you will have Benjamin Moore on your mind too.

Final Thoughts

Does Sherwin-Williams sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Sherwin-Williams does not sell Benjamin Moore paint. These are competing companies. Sherwin-Williams hosts brands such as VHT, Dutch Boy, and MinMax. To buy Benjamin Moore, it’s best to find independent paint shops and dealers in the region.

Both paint brands are easy to find when you want to get the right type of paint.

To get started, it’s best to hop online and visit the official website. You will have no trouble finding a nearby paint shop that sells Benjamin Moore.

If you want Sherwin-Williams paints, you can find a local store in the region too.

Both are readily available in most parts as they are highly sought-after brands.

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