Can Lava Lamps Freeze? (Solved)

Lava lamps are beautiful to look at when they are turned on and in motion.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may wonder what’s gone wrong and you may even ask, can lava lamps freeze?

Lava lamps can freeze. The water inside can turn into ice depending on the external temperature. If it’s below zero for an extended period, the liquid will turn into ice. This can be a safety risk as the glass can burst.

It’s recommended to always keep a lava lamp at room temperature due to this reason. You don’t want to compromise your safety by having a lava lamp burst.

The same applies to the lava lamp itself. Once it’s broken, it will have to be replaced.

Here is a look at how lava lamps freeze and more on what to do if the lava lamp is frozen.

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How To Fix A Frozen Lava Lamp

1. Use a Hairdryer or Heat Source

The best course of action is to quickly warm the lava lamp.

If a lava lamp is frozen, you are going to need to loosen it up with warmth. This can be done in various ways and it is up to you as to what works in your situation.

For example, we recommend using a hairdryer to help melt the lava lamp wax.

However, you can also use something as simple as a towel wrapped around the body of the lava lamp. This will be enough to produce a good amount of heat.

Another option can be a blanket as that will also warm the lava lamp quickly.

With hairdryers, you can expedite the process because of how targeted the blast of warmth is going to be. You can also target specific parts of the lava lamp to get it to melt faster.

Can lava lamps freeze

2. Keep at Room Temperature

Let’s assume you want to warm the lava lamp.

If you are going to be warming it, the most important step is to take it out of the cold. If you attempt to warm it outdoors, it is still going to be cold regardless of what you attempt to do.

This is why the first step has to be to move it indoors.

The lava lamp should only be kept at room temperature. This is when it performs the best and does not break down on you.

Any other scenario and the lava lamp is going to start malfunctioning.

3. Aim at the Bottom of the Lava Lamp

When you are melting the lava lamp, you are also going to have to use a specific technique to get the liquid to melt faster.

When the lava lamp solidifies, you have to figure out how to get the rest of the liquid to melt.

By using a hairdryer, you are going to create a good amount of heat. This is a nice starting point but that is not enough.

You are going to also need to target the bottom of the lava lamp. This will produce enough heat to start melting the top too.

To control the lava lamp temperature, always work from the bottom to the top.

Can lava lamps freeze

Can Your Lava Lamp Explode?

A lava lamp can explode. This tends to happen when it is overheated. This is why it is essential to never put a lava lamp near a stove or any other extreme heat source. It will explode and can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

In general, you should avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

If it is too cold near the lava lamp, it can still burst. It might not explode, but the glass will shatter because the liquid turns to ice.

This is why setting the lava lamp at room temperature is one of the most important parts of maintaining it.

Final Thoughts

Can lava lamps freeze?

A lava lamp can freeze and will the liquid will turn into a block of ice at below-zero. This is why it’s important to keep it at room temperature. When a lava lamp freezes, it’s best to put it near a heat source such as a hairdryer, heater, or wrap it with a blanket. This will help melt the liquid before it breaks through the glass.

This is a common mistake that is made in the winter months.

If it is already icy, feel free to take your time and go through the steps listed in this guide.

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