Why Are Mice Coming Through The Gas Fireplace? (Answered)

During the warmer months, it’s important to pay attention to mice and rats that crawl through open spaces or gaps.

They are seeking warmer grounds and that includes the inside of your house.

Due to this, you have to be vigilant and make sure to take action as soon as you spot the mice entering the property. One of the weak spots around the house can be the gas fireplace.

You can have mice coming through the gas fireplace.

To stop mice coming through the gas fireplace, find the gap where the gas pipe is running. This can be a spot mice slide into to access the fireplace. By filling this gap using steel wool, it will put an end to mice getting through.

It is also recommended to set up traps around the house to ensure you get rid of mice that entered other parts of the house.

It is important to get back to square one with this pest-related issue.

For more on what to do, here is a guide on how to keep mice from coming through the gas fireplace at home.

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How To Keep Mice From Coming Through Gas Fireplace

1. Find The Gap In The Fireplace

When learning how to get rid of mice in the fireplace, you have to start with the gaps. This is where mice come from.

They look for small gaps and seek warmth or food.

By finding the gap, they are going to continue to use this as a path back and forth. This is why finding the gap becomes important and it is common for this to be near the gas pipe.

Some fireplaces have large gaps in that part of the fireplace, so you will have to block it right away.

Until you do this, the mice will continue to enter the gas fireplace.

mice coming through gas fireplace

2. Use Steel Wool To Fill Gap

If you hear something in the chimney, it might be mice running around or other types of pests.

Don’t assume it is nothing.

The goal has to be to find the gap running along the gas pipe as that might be the main issue at hand. By finding the gap, you are going to have no trouble filling it using high-quality steel wool.

A simple fix such as this will go a long way.

The steel wool will deter the mice and keep them away from the fireplace throughout the day.

3. Inspect Other Parts of the House

Let’s assume the gap has been covered and you are satisfied with no mice being near the fireplace.

Does that mean you are good to go?


You will have to continue to look around the property and make sure the house is cleared. This is how you are going to take care of the pest problem at home.

Mice are clever animals and they will not stick out in the same spot. They will explore and that includes other parts of your house including your bathroom, kitchen, and/or bedrooms.

Look for these spots and make sure they are blocked too.

mice coming through gas fireplace

4. Set Up Traps

Just like you taking the time to inspect for mice in other parts of the house, it’s also essential to set up traps.

This will ensure you catch straggling mice that are still running around inside the house.

A simple fix here will ensure you don’t have mice running back and forth all the time. Just clear up the mess right now and make sure the mice are a thing of the past.

Can Mice Come Through Gas Fireplace?

Mice can come through the gas fireplace. Most fireplaces have a small gas pipe that runs along to supply gas. This can be compromised due to how it’s installed. With any gap near the pipe, this is enough for a mouse to sneak in.

The most recommended solution is to use steel wool. You can block the gap instantly.

How Do I Get Rid of Mice In My Gas Fireplace?

To get rid of mice in a gas fireplace, find any gap that is running alongside the gas pipe. Once you find the gap, fill it with high-grade steel wool. This will deter the mouse from entering the hole again.

Final Thoughts

These are the best steps to follow if mice are coming through the gas fireplace.

When mice come through the gas fireplace, this means there’s a gap present inside. To find the gap, look at the gas pipe and see where the entry point is. There will be a sizable gap somewhere in the installation. To fix the issue, fill that specific gap using steel wool.

This will do the job and ensure mice don’t give you issues moving forward.

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