Will Primer Cover Drywall Tape? (Answered)

When drywall tape is put up, you are going to want to cover it up.

This can be done in several ways and the most common question people ask is, will primer cover drywall tape?

Primer can cover drywall tape. To do this, you will have to apply multiple coats of primer to thoroughly mask the drywall tape. Once applied, let the primer settle and dry. Take your time with the drying process as it might take a few hours.

It’s recommended to not use oil-based primers for this task.

The reason for not using oil-based primers has to do with the uneven drying. This might lead to insufficient results that are not on par with what you require as a property owner.

Here is a look at how to apply primer to cover drywall tape and what to think about during the process.

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How To Apply Primer Over Drywall Tape

1. Use Water-Based Primer Only

Painting over exposed drywall tape is common but what about using primer?

It’s important to apply primer over drywall tape with a purpose. This means you are going to look at the types of primer available for the project before getting started.

The first thing to focus on will be whether or not you have access to a water-based primer. Do not use an oil-based primer for this job as it is not going to dry over the drywall tape. This will lead to shoddy results.

Instead, you want to only use a water-based primer for the task at hand.

Will primer cover drywall tape

2. Apply Multiple Coats To Cover the Tape

When applying primer over drywall tape, it’s important to do it thoroughly.

This means you are not just going to apply one coat of primer. Instead, you are going to go over the same spot multiple times to ensure it is fully covered.

This is a common mistake that is made by people and that is when you see below-par results. It’s highly recommended to apply multiple coats and ensure you are taking your time with the process.

Remember, this is the most important step of them all.

If you don’t apply an even amount of primer on the drywall tape, it’s going to look imbalanced. You might even start noticing the tape poking through and that is the last thing you want when it comes to the finishing.

3. Let The Primer Dry

Now it is time to let the primer settle.

This is going to take a few hours depending on the type of primer being used and how many coats were applied to cover the tape.

For the most part, you should let it sit for as long as it takes to become bone dry.

You don’t want a situation where it is still wet and you begin painting over it. This is when the primer becomes unsettled and looks bumpy.

A lot of people make this mistake and that is simply due to impatience. Let it settle and dry even if it takes the entire day.

Does Primer Hide Drywall Tape?

Primer does hide drywall tape and is a completely acceptable way to cover it. When doing this, make sure to apply multiple coats as that will hide the drywall tape properly. Once done, let the primer dry for a few hours.

This is the best way to hide drywall tape and make sure it does not peek through later on.

If you rush this part of the process, you will see below-par results. This is why taking your time during this step is a must.

Will primer cover drywall tape

What Happens If You Paint Over Drywall Tape?

You cannot paint over drywall tape. This will lead to mediocre results as this is the base for the mud. It’s recommended to apply a primer to cover the tape before applying paint. This will ensure the results are on par with what you require.

If you do try to paint over drywall tape, it is going to look sketchy and imperfect.

Final Thoughts

Will primer cover drywall tape?

Primer can cover drywall tape effectively. To do this the right way, take a water-based primer and apply it over top of the drywall tape. Make sure to apply multiple coats and then let it dry for as long as it requires.

This will ensure the finishing is on par with what you want for the drywall.

If not, it will look imbalanced and bumpy in spots. When done the right way, it is going to be the perfect foundation for your paint.

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